Peeks of Present Sheet of Past
opening Thursday 25 August, 7pm, AIR Antwerpen, Kielsevest 23, 2018 Antwerp
until Sunday 28 August 2016 from 2pm to 6pm or by appointment.

'Peeks of Present Sheets of Past' is the second part of Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé's solo exhibition, that started in at the Diesel Project Space in Liège with the title: 'Peeks of Past Sheets of Present'. The switches of the words in the title simulate the changes made in the two installations. Using the same art works, but changing content and location, Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé creates a structure between both places, which allows him to compair their character, influence and modes of collaborations. In this project Alexis Lagimodière-Grisé visualizes the underlying mechanics of the exhibition, by proposing these various set ups. 

text par Alan Quireyns Le temps serpent (fr)